2010-01-15: QAddress 0.3 released

QAddress 0.3 is out! Over two years in the (more or less) making it is finally here. This version is a complete rewrite using more of Qt's powerful features. New features include a more flexible data model allowing for multiple addresses, phone numbers, etc. to be stored for one person. Also on board is a brand new UI, so check it out now.

2008-04-05: QAddress 0.2.2 released

QAddress 0.2.2 has been released. Just like 0.2.1 it's a bugfix release, so there are no new features this time as well. Have a look at the changelog to see what has been fixed.

2008-01-08: QAddress 0.2.1 released

QAddress 0.2.1 has been released. It's just a bugfix release, so please don't expect any new features. Have a look at the changelog to see what has been fixed.

2006-10-06: QAddress 0.2 released

QAddress 0.2 has been released. It features a new search functions, as well as some minor improvements to the user interface.

2006-08-26: Website up

Today the website went up. I will add more information later on, for now it's just a small about page with some screenshots.

2006-08-20: QAddress 0.1 released

QAddress 0.1 has just been released. As of now, QAddress only provides functionality to add, edit or remove addresses.

This release is identical to the release candidat 1 of v0.1.

Stay tuned for v0.2 which will definitely add a search function and maybe (although quite probable) some other features.

2006-08-10: QAddress 0.1rc1 released

Today the first release candidat of QAddress v0.1 was released. Hopefully, v0.1 will follow in a few days.