QAddress is a simple and to the point address book. It is written in C++, uses SQLite as database backend and Qt as GUI toolkit. It is free (as in free speech) software, released under the conditions of the GNU GPL.


The design goal of QAddress is only to implement as many features as needed. Thus, I hope to keep it useable and safe (not to mention fast).

Version 0.3 of QAddress has just been released. Being a complete rewrite it offers not that many new features, but much work has been done under the hood to support new features in upcoming releases. What has changed though is that the data model is much more flexible right now: You can add several addresses, phone numbers, e-Mail addresses or websites to one person. Also on board for 0.3 is a brand new UI using some icons from the Tango Desktop Project.

Planned features for future releases:


The main window
This is the main window of QAddress.

The detail window
Looking closer at a person in your address book you get this view with some basic information about the person. The address shown here is the primary one.

The address view
To see all saved addresses for that person you have to switch over to the addresses tab.

The address view with two addresses in it
Here is another entry with two saved addresses.

The phone view
All connected phone numbers are shown in the phones tab.

The internet view
In the internet tab you can see the stored e-Mail addresses and webpages for any person.


QAddress is written by Lennart Sauerbeck. You can contact me by mail: devel [at] lennart [dot] sauerbeck [dot] org. Please put a [QAddress] at the beginning of the subject. My GnuPG key